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Urinary Tract Infection is the infection which happens through the urethra with bundle of symptoms, which can be acute or with high rate of re-occurrence.

Transfer of infection along the shorter female urethra is easier, while the longer male urethra protects against the transfer of bacteria to the bladder. Also, the prostatic fluid has antibacterial action.

Yes, we are approved and licensed by the Government of Karnataka health department.

There are different symptoms like

  • Burning sensation when you urinate
  • A frequent or intense urge to urinate, even though little comes out when you do
  • Pain or pressure in your back or lower abdomen
  • Cloudy, dark, bloody, or strange-smelling urine
  • Feeling tired or shaky
  • Weight gain
  • Fever or chills

Some of the risk factors for UTI:

  • Women who use diaphragms for birth control may be at higher risk.
  • People with diabetes have a higher risk of infection because of changes in the immune system secondary to the high sugar concentrations.
  • Any abnormality of the urinary tract that obstructs the flow of urine (a kidney stone) increases the risk for an infection.
  • UTIs may occur in infants who are born with abnormalities of the urinary tract.

We treat with both internal and external herbal medication for specified duration and a couple of medicine may be advised to avoid re – occurrence.

Yes, re – occurrence can happen when causative factors are still followed which triggers UTI. Decoding causative factors will help in further reoccurrence of UTI.

  • Drink at least two to three liters of fluid depending on whether you live in cold or warm area.
  • Make sure you get enough vitamin C in your diet. It makes the urine acidic, which in turn decreases the number of bacteria.
  • Void urine at 2-3 hour intervals.
  • Void urine before bedtime and after intercourse.
  • Cleanse the genital area with water before sexual intercourse.
  • Avoid using feminine hygiene sprays and scented douches, which may irritate the urethra.
  • Wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria around the anus from entering the vagina or urethra.
  • Avoid bubble baths and other chemicals in bath water.

UTI could be a symptom many times or could be a disease itself. Addressing it depends on the cause, as a symptom anyone can face in their life so it can not be a serious problem always. But sometimes it may be as serious as affecting the daily routines.

We work on decoding the causative factors, repair the damage, then rejuvenate and strengthen the repaired cells, which will assure positive outcomes for your UTI and avoid complications.

There are many reasons you would have not good result from other Ayurvedic treatments. When compared to others, our treatment involves 60% diet advices along with decoding your UTI causative factor and correction process. So you will find the results much faster and also long lasting.

Not exactly, depending on the chronicity and severity we can let you know the reversal possibility and medicine dependency. Very few cases are advised to continue on medications.

We need minimum of 7 -14 days to make them under control.

Not only symptom relieving, but also preventing from further aggravation of the condition, there by treating the disorder to a great extend so that there is lesser chances of reoccurrence.

It is better. If you have got any recent test or scans etc done, please do carry with you when you come for the consultation.